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Huron County's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) delivers emergency medical care and ambulance services to all residents and visitors of Huron County for life-threatening medical emergencies and transportation of sick or injured patients.

Our highly trained paramedics respond to approximately 10,000 calls annually at a wide range of medical emergencies, fires, water rescues, industrial and farm accidents, and highway traffic accidents. The 52 full-time and 22 part-time Huron County paramedics, plus 6 supervisors, form an integral part of the County's emergency preparedness team and are certified providers of pre-hospital care.

Six front-line ambulances and four Rapid Response Units work each shift. These vehicles are strategically located to help reduce response time to an emergency. With the new Province of Ontario Performance Measures, it is important to attempt to meet the eight minute response time established by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Huron County's Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to continually improving not only their reaction and response times within the County of Huron, but also the patient care that is rendered to the citizens of Huron County.

Huron County's paramedics are highly skilled, compassionate professionals, trained to provide emergency medical treatment and transport sick and injured people. All of our paramedics are graduates of a post-secondary ambulance and emergency care diploma program and have their provincial A-EMCA (Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant) certification. They have the ability to stop seizures, operate a defibrillator, carry out blood glucose testing and administer a variety of life-saving medications.

Advanced Care and Primary Care Paramedics

Every paramedic annually participates in continuing medical education (CME) training to ensure that Huron County residents continue to receive the highest quality of pre-hospital emergency medical care and treatment.

Many of our paramedics are also provincially certified Advanced Care Paramedics capable of delivering medical treatments that can otherwise only be provided by medical physicians. Many of our Primary Care Paramedics are certified to start IVs, provide advanced airway management, epinephrine injections and other life saving skills.